In this blog I am going to tell you about a real-time errors tracking for JavaScript. Trying to catch errors in your front-end app can be tricky as the problems happen rarely or when you are not looking at the log traces.

On the market, there are many vendors selling you all-in-one solutions to track every possible error in real-time but recently I used one of the best tool which we can used to track the every JS errors at production label.

I do not work for Sentry or have been asked to write this, It’s just a tool I…

Using the SSH protocol, you can connect and authenticate to remote servers and services. With SSH keys, you can connect to GitLab without supplying your username and personal access token at each visit.

1) Checking for existing SSH keys

Before you generate an SSH key, you can check to see if you have any existing SSH keys.

1: Open Terminal

2: Enter the cmd to see if existing SSH keys are present:

$ ls -al ~/.ssh
# Lists the files in your .ssh directory, if they exist

3: Check the directory listing to see if you already have a public SSH key. …

Python is my go-to language, but handling Python packages in Lambda can be tricky. So in this blog i will tell you how you can Handel your python package in Lambda with serverless plugins.

Here few steps using you can handle your python package in Lambda function

Step 1- You need to install serverless-python-requirements

npm install serverless-python-requirements

Step 2- Then add the following to your serverless.yml

- serverless-python-requirements

Step 3- Make sure you have your python virtual environment active in CLI

source venv/bin/activate
workon <env name>

Step 4- Install any dependencies with pip — note that in CLI…

In this tutorial, you use the AWS SDK for Python (Boto 3) to write simple programs to perform the following Amazon DynamoDB operations:

  • Install DynamoDB Local
  • Table Creation for DynamoDB Local
  • Perform create, read, update, and delete operations on the table.
  • Run simple queries.

Getting started with Boto 3 is easy, but requires a few steps.

1. Install Plugin

npm install -g serverless

2. Installation Boto3

Install the latest Boto 3 release via pip:

pip install boto3

You may also install a specific version:

pip install boto3==1.0.0

3. Install aws CLI

pip install awscli — upgrade — user

4. Configuration

Before you can begin using Boto 3, you should set up authentication…

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