How to Handle your Python packaging in Lambda with Serverless plugins

Python is my go-to language, but handling Python packages in Lambda can be tricky. So in this blog i will tell you how you can Handel your python package in Lambda with serverless plugins.

Here few steps using you can handle your python package in Lambda function

Step 1- You need to install serverless-python-requirements

Step 2- Then add the following to your serverless.yml

Step 3- Make sure you have your python virtual environment active in CLI

Step 4- Install any dependencies with pip — note that in CLI you can tell if venv is active by the venv to the left of the terminal text

Step 5- Now, deploy your function

What will happen is that serverless-python-requirements will build you python packages in docker using a lambda environment, and then zip them up ready to be uploaded with the rest of your code.



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